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Beat Labs is an open sandbox for rhythm games in Virtual and Mixed Reality (VR/MR). Inspired by Beat Saber - the classic VR title that so far has generated more than $250 million!

We have an ambition for Beat Labs to become something more than Beat Saber by providing a platform for immersive experiences rather than being a single game. A platform for music and rhythm-based mini-games, powered by content created by us, the community of players and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

One of the biggest selling points of Beat Labs is the sheer number and variety of songs the players can choose from. There's tens of thousands of beatmaps (levels) created by Beat Saber community that we tap into.

Beat Labs is highly customizable to cater to various players preferences. This includes the ability to choose the type of gameplay, an environment in which the game takes place, custom models of weapons and destructible objects and more.

The customizations described above are part of what makes Beat Labs an extensible platform. The content that the community creates may even introduce novel gameplay mechanics that we haven't yet thought of. This approach is similar to other, highly popular and profitable platforms, like Fortnite, Minecraft or Roblox.


The following are some examples of immersive experiences wich players can already play through.

K-Pop Concert - An Immersive Experience ( Full Video )

The Matrix - An Immersive Experience ( Full Video )

Christmas in Beat Labs ( Full Video )

Mixed Reality - Miracle by Ellie Goulding ( Full Video )

Retro Environment - The Motto by Tiësto and Ava Max ( Full Video )


Meta (Facebook) Quest 1, 2, 3

  • Leading VR/MR headset for mass consumer market in North America and Europe.
  • Over 20 million units sold so far.
  • Dedicated Meta Quest Store for games and apps.
  • Recently allowed by China to their market.
Meta Quest 3

Quest 3


  • Leading VR/MR headset in East-Asian markets, eg. China, South Korea and Japan.
  • Also availale in Europe.
  • Dedicated PICO Store for games and apps.


Apple Vision Pro

  • Set to become a game changer in the VR/MR market.
  • Highly anticipated and will generate interest in VR/MR market in general.
  • Dedicated App Store for games and apps designed for VR/MR.
Apple Vision Pro`

Vision Pro

Other VR/MR Headsets

  • Big market of PC VR (wired) headsets with SteamVR - the largest store for games.
  • Google & Samsung are expected to join the VR/MR market in 2024.
  • Valve is reportedly working on their own standalone VR/MR headset.
  • Pimax with a novel headset that combines features from the Nintendo Switch console and standalone VR/MR headsets like Quest or PICO.
Other VR/MR headsets`

VR/MR Headsets


Beat Labs, as a platform, aims to cater to the needs of a diverse playerbase:

  • Young adults, regular gamers, usually looking for fast-paced, reflex-base, competitive gameplay.
  • Adults, casual gamers, usually looking for more laid back, fun gameplay, In the VR/MR context commonly used as a way to get and stay fit.
  • Seniors - growing playerbase of casual gamers looking for novel, fun and relaxing gameplay that can also keep them in good shape.


There are many potential approaches to monetize Beat Labs:

  • Each VR/MR headset vendor has or will have their own dedicated stores. For example: Meta Quest Store, PICO Store, Apple App Store, Google Play. There is also an independent portal and store - SideQuest - which lets players easily install 3rd party games and apps.
  • The simplest approach would be to offer a single time purchase in those stores. However, we can do better than that.
  • As Beat Labs is a platform, with practiacally limitless content to be created for it, we can offer DLCs (Downloadable Content) either through subscriptions or micro-transactions using virtual or real currency.
  • Examples of the purchasable content that players may be willing to pay for are:
    • Songs (levels).
    • Environments in which the game takes place. This includes generic visuals as well as themed-ones, eg. Halloween, different holidays, specific to the music band, etc.
    • Skins - 3D models for weapons, destructible objects, avatars and more.
    • Gameplay mechanics - these would allow players to choose how the game is played. Slashing, punching, hitting, shooting, shielding, deflecting and more.
    • Mods - custom, in-game modifications that can introduce major features, like displaying lyrics of the song being played, a screen for the music video, visual effects and more.
    • Sounds and other customizations - to accommodate the unique preferences of each player.
  • Another idea is that we could utilize the code, the assets and basically anything that was created for the purpose of Beat Labs to develop entirely distinct games that could be marketed and sold separately, with whatever business model we would deem fit for them.


Below are statistics from different analytics platforms. Click an image to enlarge it.

‣  Unity Gaming Services - Analytics

‣  PICO Lab - User Engagement

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‣  SideQuest - App Metrics


App Metrics - Quest


App Metrics - PICO


We implement various marketing strategies to expand our playerbase. At the heart of these strategies is consistently prioritizing the community:

  • We're utilizing traditional channels for advertisements, such as Facebook and promotional opportunities on SideQuest (a hub for third-party games and apps compatible with Meta Quest and PICO).
  • We're engaging with existing communities of gamers and enthusiasts in the VR/MR space through Facebook Groups, Discord servers, Reddits, and similar platforms.
  • W're collaborating with game reviewers and influencers in the VR/MR domain on outlets like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.
  • With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, we anticipate that being among the first to offer a game for that system will garner significant visibility in the Apple App Store.


‣  Marek Stój

An experienced software developer. During his professional career spanning more than 15 years, he worked with technologies like .NET, C#,Android, Java, Big Data, Scala, Unity 3D and many others. For a few years now making his dream come true by working in the game development industry.

‣  The Community

The community gathered around Beat Labs is what ultimately makes the platform awesome. Players and content creators, like custom level designers, 3D modellers and modders are first-class citizens here. Their voice is heard and greatly contributes to the decision making behind the direction and the shape of Beat Labs.

‣  Wanted

We're always on the lookout for passionate specialists (juniors as well) who might want to join us in our efforts. Here's a (non-exhaustive) list of roles we'd like to see on board:

  • Graphics Programmer - Unity 3D, shaders, effects, optimization, etc.
  • 3D Artist - models, animations, low-poly.
  • Gameplay Developer - Unity 3D, gameplay and logic.
  • Backend Developer - C# and Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • UI/UX Enginner - web and Unity 3D.
  • Musician(s) any instrument, any genre.
  • Sound Designer DAWs, synthesizers, etc.
  • Community Manager - Discord, social media.
  • Marketer - marketing campaigns, social media, SEO.
  • AI Specialist - LLMs, ChatGPT, data analytics.


Feel free to contact us via any of the social media platforms listed in the Links section or via e-mail:



SideQuest (version for Quest):

SideQuest (version for Pico):